Näak ist deine Ernährung auf der Strecke bei der UTMB World Series.

Jeder Kauf, den Sie tätigen, bewirkt eine positive Veränderung.

Preserve your playgroind

Sie schreiben die Geschichte unseres Sports.

Ihr Ziel ist es, die Gipfel zu erreichen.

Die Champions von morgen.

Community, Sharing, Passion.

Sie inspirieren uns. Sie werden auch Sie inspirieren.

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The ultimate guide to reach your ultra endurance goals.

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Devenir un athlète Näak

Welcome to the heart and soul of Näak, where passion meets purpose.

Our athletes embody the spirit of Näak. They actively contribute to our innovation journey by testing our products, providing valuable feedback that fuels our quest for performance and commitment to sustainability.

Their impact goes beyond innovation. They create authentic connections, inspire others by their actions, and engage with their local community. This partnership creates opportunities for growth and meaningful and positive changes in their communities and beyond.

Explore our diverse range of programs designed to elevate your trail-running experience and grow your community.

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