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Mathieu Blanchard

Quentin Meyleu

Discipline Trail Running

Nationality France Flag Icon

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“If it's not safe it's still maybe”


I am originally from Auvergne, a region in the center of the France between lakes and volcanoes. I wanted to discover these landscapes by bike first, until I reached the first French amateur category in competition, and participated in professional races until 2017. From 2018 I started running for fun, I always did a little running, especially in winter for preparation. In 2020, I finished in the top 10 of the French mountain running championships, it was a surprise, since then I try to have the most competitive approach possible and reach the best level. Over the seasons, to try to perform at best, it is important to surround yourself with the best possible partners, which is why I wanted to improve my nutrition by turning to Naak!


Cross du Mont-Blanc 2022

1st Place


World mountain running cup Nid d'Aigle (

5th Place


Pikes Peak Ascent

13th Place


Energy Bar Berries & Nuts

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Energy Drink Mix Variety Pack

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Energy Waffle Salted Caramel

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  • 12 Waffles 2.25€ / Waffle
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