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Näak is jouw on-course voeding bij de UTMB World Series.

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Skiing in winter to run faster in summer 🏔️🏃🏽‍♂️

It's not easy to go running in the mountains when the snow makes most of the trails impassable. To prepare for my trail races, I alternate between skiing and road/track running. I don't know if this mix is the ideal recipe to perform but here are the advantages I find in this mix:


  1. Rest the joints and the mind. Varying the sports allows me to avoid monotony and boredom during training. For the same training load, I reduce the number of kilometers I run, which allows me to preserve my joints and to arrive fresh in the spring; both physically and mentally.
  1. Accumulate a maximum of vertical drop. Ski touring allows me to climb steeply on 500 to 2000m of positive elevation. I work on strength endurance on slopes and durations very similar to those encountered in summer in Trail. Besides skiing, I keep a minimum of foot work on the trail which allows me to not forget how to run. I also develop my vma and running economy.
  1. Spend time outside and enjoy nature. When skiing I find myself alone in the mountains or lost in the forest. This relationship with nature is the main motivation for my sport. I am much more motivated by the idea of spending 6 hours outside than on the saddle of a home-trainer.
  1. Put in the hours. Skiing is perfect to build up soft endurance and a solid physical base for the summer. Finally, a long outing means a lot of Naak to enjoy

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