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I'm Manon, 32 years old, living in a peaceful village near the Jura Mountains and Swiss border. By day, I'm a dietitian-nutritionist, but my heart belongs to trail running and mountain sports. I love sharing adventures with my family, husband, and close friends. However, beyond the excitement of these experiences, I also cherish trail running as a means to reconnect with myself. It provides a precious moment for introspection and relaxation, fostering personal development and a journey towards self-transcendence.


  • World Trail Running Championships 2023 — 3rd Place
  • Trail Verbier St Bernard X Traversee 2022— 1st Place
  • TDS 2021 — 1st Place

What is your favorite training terrain and why?

The Franco-Swiss Jura massif (it's home), winter training on cross-country ski trails (my first passion), reconnaissance and multi-day block weekends in the mountains with friends or my father (it's the adventure and holidays I prefer), and many other plans.

What's your greatest source of motivation when the going gets tough?

The greatest source of motivation for me when facing tough times is the reminder of what drives me to surpass my limits. I concentrate on my loved ones, drawing strength from two different yet highly effective motivations—internal and external.

Through your collaboration with Näak, what values would you like to pass on to your community?

I want to share the joy of adventure, find inspiration in training, build mental strength through effort and shared experiences. As a practitioner and athlete, I also hope our opinions and experiences can speak and contribute to the growth of the brand.

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