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Gear & Accessories C'est Beau™ Crewneck

Relax, unwind, and recover in style. Limited edition with Montreal-based illustrator Florence Rivest.

    Used by ultra distance athletes

    All our products are developed hand in hand with elite athletes through the Näak Lab. Our mission is to build the most efficient and sustainable fuel for ultra distance sports. Today, thousands of professional and amateur athletes around the world depend on Näak to explore new playgrounds and redefine what is physically possible.

    Backed by Science

    Näak Ultra Energy™ science was developed to meet the specific needs of ultra distance athletes. The idea is simple: the ingestion of a few macronutrients such as carbohydrates and electrolytes is not enough to fuel ultra distances. After a few hours of effort, you need a complete nutrition approach to go farther.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Maria F. (Valencia, ES)
    Feedback of Gear and Ccessories

    Ive already tried the new accesories of Naak, and I really like it. Especially the cap that easily adjusts to the size of the head.
    On the other hand, the sweatshirt is very comfortable and works both when it's cool and when it's a little cold.
    Finally, the soflash are very useful when carrying on the belt since they adapt to it and are easy to carry in the hand.

    Morten A. (Trondheim, NO)

    Gear & Accessories | C'est Beau™ Crewneck

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