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Today, discover the recipe of vegan "Reese's" with Näak Nut Butter from Nadia Healthy Kitchen.

This smoothie bowl is the perfect breakfast for a good protein intake. It is fresh, yummy and healthy. You can do it with the fruits you have in the freezer and make a wonderful colorful bowl! 

The season of comforting and tasty recipes is here! Our athletes share 3 protein recipes to recover this winter. Enjoy it before a training or by the fire.

Finding cheese alternatives isn't always easy, so we have come up with a recipe for a tasty and high protein parmesan alternative with cricket powder

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We love hearing about your own cricket powder recipes! Here is a recipe that was sent in to us: Mamma's Costanzo's Cricket Powder Banana Bread.

Add some cricket powder to your homemade pesto sauce and impress with a delicious yet healthy and protein-rich pasta meal!

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Pizzas are easy and fun to make - and can even be healthy! Try our pita style cricket powder protein pizza with cricket powder tomato sauce and cricket powder parmesan alternative.
Who doesn't love garlic bread? Follow our recipe below for a healthier and protein-rich version!

Looking for an easy, tasty, healthy and protein-rich meal idea? Try our cricket powder meatballs - ideal with homemade tomato sauce over spaghetti!

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Nothing beats homemade sauces! This version of tomato sauce with cricket powder doesn't only taste great, it also gives a protein boost to your meals.
This recipe for chocolate and black bean pudding is very easy to make and rich in protein! It is a vegan, healthy, gluten-free, refined sugar-free and iron-rich recipe. You can enjoy this recipe after an intense workout. So, convinced? all you have to do is try it!

These protein pancakes are not only easy to make but are also a delicious way to start your day. You only need a few basic ingredients to make these sweet and yummy pancakes, making them a convenient breakfast, pre workout, or post workout meal. Top these pancakes off with loads of fruit, peanut butter, or maple syrup and you’re all set for an active day!

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