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Energy Gel Salted Maple

Formulated with ultra distance in mind, the Näak Ultra Energy™ Gel is specifically designed for ultra endurance efforts. Made with 37% of upcycled ingredient, it delivers 200 calories per serving.


Balanced with short and complex carbohydrates, BCAAs and electrolytes, this gel provides you with a complete energy source for your ultra endurance activities. Its semi-liquid texture ensures easy absorption, and the low glycemic load helps prevent gut issues. Take it when you need an extra boost during high-intensity efforts.

Fueling Specs

-27g natural carbohydrates:
*ratio 1:1 short and complex carbohydrates for an instant energy spike and no crashes.
*ratio 3:1 glucose: fructose to optimize sugar absorption.
-2g protein with 235mg BCAAs: helps reduce muscle fatigue & optimize glycogen storage.
- 420mg electrolytes: replenishes minerals lost in sweat.


Ingredients: Maple syrup (37%), maltodextrin (21%), water, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, pea protein (2%), sea salt (0,8%), potassium chloride, flavor, preservatives (potassium sorbate, mixed tocopherols).

Nutrition Facts

Why You'll love it

Made for ultra: the Ultra Energy™performance in a gel format.

Easy to eat and digest: semi-liquid texture, not sticky, and low glycemic load.

Avoid sugar crashes: a balanced carbohydrate profile to provide a stable energy supply.

Mild taste: a maple syrup flavor balanced with a hint of salt.

Sustainable nutrition: the most sustainable energy gel with 37% of upcycled maple syrup.

When to use graph

Eat 1 gel every 45 - 60min during your long training sessions and races

Used by ultra distance athletes

All our products are developed hand in hand with elite athletes through the Näak Lab. Our mission is to build the most efficient and sustainable fuel for ultra distance sports. Today, thousands of professional and amateur athletes around the world depend on Näak to explore new playgrounds and redefine what is physically possible.

Backed by Science

Näak Ultra Energy™ science was developed to meet the specific needs of ultra distance athletes. The idea is simple: the ingestion of a few macronutrients such as carbohydrates and electrolytes is not enough to fuel ultra distances. After a few hours of effort, you need a complete nutrition approach to go farther.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why is the Näak Ultra Energy™ Gel sustainable?

Näak Gels contains 37% of upcycled maple syrup. All the ingredients are fully traceable and locally sourced.

How often should I use the gels?

We recommend to eat 1 Gel every 45-60min of exercise. If you are racing an ultra, we recommend an energy intake of 300 to 350 Kcal per hour. You can reach those numbers by using one Gel in addition to other Näak Ultra Energy™ products.

What are BCAAs used for?

The branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. They are known to reduce muscle fatigue and optimize energy stores.

Why are electrolytes important?

Electrolytes are crucial to maintain fluid balance, muscle contraction and neural activity. When athletes sweat, they are losing electrolytes and it is important to replace them. Näak Ultra Energy™ Gels contain the four main electrolytes needed to perform at your best.

What type of sugars are used in the Gels?

In a ratio 3:1 glucose:fructose, the gels contain a blend of "simple sugars" such as maple syrup and "complex sugars" such as maltodextrin. A perfect mix of natural carbohydrates to avoid sugar crashes and spikes, and ensure long-lasting energy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
NowRunCommunity N. (Aosta, IT)
Soooo perfect

Sooo perfect . I love this gels . Taste very good and release energy slowly for ultra sport .. I really love .. happy

Andrea S. (Limbiate, IT)

Energy Gel | Salted Maple

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