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4 week healthy meal plan

Whether you are a recreational athlete, a physically active person, or a competitive athlete, it is important to recognize the impact nutrition has on health and performance. Proper daily nutrition will improve exercise performance, prevent injuries due to fatigue, provide energy during endurance training, facilitate maintenance of an optimal body weight, and enhance overall health. 

That is why Näak is providing a four-weeks nutrition plan geared towards our athletic community! This meal plan is composed of foods that are not only nutritious but also make use of non-perishable and shelf-stable food items.

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 Näak 4 weeks nutrition plan

All of the meals are cricket and plant-based powered to promote sustainability and accessibility. As well, this diet includes adequate amounts of protein to help minimize muscle loss during this period of time. If you are planning on practicing indoor exercises, post-workout snack options are provided.

Whether you are looking for healthy and accessible meals or simply curious to try new recipes, our meal plans will help you!


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