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5 Tips To Prepare For Rain

It's easy to get discouraged from being active when the rain is coming down. It's wet, it's cold, and it makes your bed look so warm and inviting. We know how it feels to want to get outside, but feeling held back by the torrential downpour happening outside your window. That's why we've created a guide for you to enjoy the outdoors when it's raining. If you are feeling up for an adventure, and no rain will hold you back, here are some rules you can follow to prepare for the wet seasons.


1. Get The Right Jacket For The Job


This is a great rule to follow in every type of weather. If you are dressed for the climate, you can prevent carrying any extra baggage or feeling like you want to cut off your jacket's sleeves to cool down. Aim to wear a breathable jacket, something with zippers for ventilation, and something waterproof, of course! Jackets made from Gore-Tex are a great place to start looking. Try to aim for something with an adjustable hood to prevent feeling like a swimming pool is hanging off your neck when the hood is down. If waterproof Gore-tex is more than the weather calls for, then opting for a lighter, weatherproof jacket is the way to go. It has a Weather Jacket that is amazing for all weather conditions and is sure to keep you dry without the feeling of over-heating. The product is available in both men's and women's styles.


2. What You Wear Underneath Matters


What you wear underneath your jacket also plays a significant role in feeling comfortable in the rain and is often overlooked. Try to avoid cotton clothes at all costs. Cotton clothes will eventually soak up water and leave you feeling like you're wearing a cold sponge wrapped around your body. I recommend you invest in some synthetic or wool layers. You can opt for wearing a light tech-tee to absorb any sweat that might present itself when you are working up a storm on the warmer days.


3. Waterproof Your Pack


If you can go out into the wilderness with nothing but the clothes on your back, more power to you. For the rest of us, waterproofing your backpack will save you lots of frustration and headaches in the future. Investing in a waterproof backpack can be a daunting commitment, but there are ways around this problem. Buying a rain-cover for your pack means that all your extra clothes and accessories don't get wet or damaged. MEC has a fantastic array of waterproof bags and cases for your phone and other electronics if you need some additional protection. If you are really tight on your budget, Ziploc bags can be used as a cheap and relatively waterproof alternative!


4. Plan Your Route


A rainy day is not the day to be a hero or go for your personal best. If you aim for the highest summit, you are sure to be disappointed when the weather prevents you from seeing the view! Instead, focus on hitting the trails you know and are comfortable with. Take the time to slow down and enjoy your surroundings more than usual. Being outside in the rain can give you a whole new take on the trails that you love.


5. Bring The Right Snacks


As incredible as a mountain-top picnic may sound, rainy days will quickly turn your lunch date into a miserable meal. Instead of sitting down for a meal, which is destined to get soggy before you get it into your mouth, try to bring a handful of delicious snacks with you. Aim for snacks that are individually wrapped to avoid water entering the packaging and look for food that is high in carbohydrates. Your body turns carbohydrates into energy, allowing you to make the best of your hike, run, or workout. To learn more about the way carbohydrates fuel us, read our article on Carbohydrates & Ultra Sport Nutrition and improve the way you exercise on rainy days!

Hint: if you are looking for the perfect snack that is both waterproof and full of carbohydrates, try our Näak Ultra Energy bars. These bars are great for on-the-go adventures in all types of weather conditions.

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