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6 Tips to Stay Active Indoors

With the COVID-19 pandemic leaving many stuck at home, as an adventurer, you may be wondering if it’s even possible to have a workout regiment. Between gyms closing and health officials advising all to stay indoors, exercise might seem inaccessible at this time. However, trying to maintain some kind of routine is extremely important for your well-being, and this includes keeping up with regular exercise. More than ever, it is critical to find ways to stay physically fit and mentally strong. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week or at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity throughout the week. Fortunately, you do not need a gym to meet these guidelines as working out at home regularly can build strength and mobility. Here are some tips on how to stay active and fit while at home in self-quarantine!

1. Follow an online exercise class

If you haven’t already, take advantage of online exercise classes. The beauty of online workouts is that they can be accessed anytime, anywhere. You can find workouts that suit your style: whether you want to focus on cardio, abs, arms, legs, or more, there is an online exercise class for you! The key is finding one that you enjoy and can follow along with. If you need inspiration, Bart Coaching is offering a free training plan providing varied and specific sessions while respecting the guidelines for social distancing.Running Addict andThe Run Experienceon Youtube also have some great core strength exercises that you can do at home. For regular runners preparing for ultra distance, ultra marathon, take the opportunity to discover new homemade exercises to strengthen your muscles. 

elite endurance athlete - home exercise Photo by:

2. Get out and walk

Even in small spaces, walking around keeps you active and clears your mind. If you decide to go outside for a walk, make sure that you’re able to keep about a 1 meter distance from others and that you’re maintaining good hygiene. Although we should all aim for 150 minutes of physical activity every week, the amount of time you walk each day can vary. A common misunderstanding is that training has to be structured and serious: it doesn’t! Keep in mind that short bouts of physical activity can add up to the weekly recommendations. What counts is that you’re moving your body.

If you are an ultra endurance athlete and  if your country's containment measures allow you to do so, do not hesitate to go out and do a running session, on your own, regularly.

walk - endurancePhoto by:

3. HIIT it off at home

One way to stay fit while quarantining is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). If you are an elite endurance athlete, it will help you to maintain your physical condition. This type of training consists of exercises performed at high levels of effort with little rest in between. The objective of HIIT is to keep workouts short and to the point so you can reap the benefits of exercise in a matter of minutes! You can do HIIT with no equipment and in a small confined space, which is perfect during this period. You can start off your HIIT journey by finding inspiration online with resources such as FitnessBlender orGlobal Triathlon Network, and then eventually creating your own HIIT regiment. 

hiit- elite endurance athleteCredit:

4. Sneak in exercise while watching TV

Instead of sitting on the couch during your favorite shows, try squeezing in some exercises during the commercial breaks. By making an effort to stay active while watching TV, you can improve your fitness levels and minimize sitting time. There are many simple exercise moves you can do while watching TV such as lunges, jumping jacks, sit-ups, chair holds, planks, or squats. You can also use the time to stretch and improve your flexibility. Stretching keeps the muscles flexible, strong, healthy, and can enhance your range of motion which contributes to an improved athletic performance. RunnersWorld on Youtube also has a bunch of great strength moves that you can do while watching TV or just taking a break from work.

stay active - athlete - endurancePhoto by:

5. Stand up

If you are working at home, consider setting up a standing desk by using a high table or stacking a pile of books. While standing is not considered physical activity, it is a good habit to adopt and has many benefits. Standing, rather than sitting, reduces the risk of shoulder and back pain, promotes more muscle activity and better circulation, and keeps the hips from becoming tight. It is also just better to stand than to sit as long hours of sitting are linked with a higher risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. 


stay active -  stand up workPhoto by:

6. Exercise equipment to have at home

If you plan on investing in some at-home gym equipment, here are some good and affordable options. 

Resistance bands: a great way to provide light to heavy resistance to your training. Using resistance bands can help you build some muscle without weights. 

Jump rope: a very affordable way to get your heart rate up and burn a lot of calories. Jumping rope is also a great way to maintain your base cardio fitness

Foam rollers: help the muscles reduce stiffness and release tension. After foam rolling, you get around a 10 minute window of increased flexibility which helps you move better during exercise. 

Stability ball: a versatile piece of equipment that can help enhance many basic exercise movements. Use a stability ball to make core movements more difficult, improve your balance, or get a deeper stretch.

As an endurance athlete, don't underestimate the difficulty of home exercises and remember to stretch and relax your muscles after each session

athlete - recovery

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With this shift in training habits, you may have to start making a few modifications in your diet which is why Näak is providing seven-day meal plans geared towards our athletic community! This meal plan will be composed of foods that are not only nutritious but will also make use of non-perishable and shelf-stable food items.

All of the meals are plant-powered to provide a sustainable nutrition. As well, this diet includes adequate amounts of protein to help minimize muscle loss during this period of time. If you are planning on practicing indoor exercises, post-workout snack options are provided such as Ultra Energy™ Bars. Order some here!


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