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Dakota Jones' Ultra FootPrints

Cycling and running for the climate

After completing a 650-mile bike ride, Dakota Jones ran the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run.

From Utah to California, the trip was an opportunity to raise funds to support not only the most impactful camp experiences and climate impact, but also to help create an organization ready to support FootPrints' post-camp projects.

"This has been an incredible trip that has confirmed my faith in the power of our community to do good. My bike tour and my race at Western States were not the individual actions they would have been without the support of the running community; instead, they were collective actions that helped us tell stories about the outdoor world and our relationship to it."

"This true success of this project is the money we've raised to support runners at Footprints who are developing tangible and measurable climate projects for their communities."

"With this money we'll be able to support our graduates for the long term and ensure the success of their projects. We couldn't have done any of this without the support of our partners like Näak and the running community as a whole."⁠

"This project - a bike tour to a race - was an opportunity to bring our trail running community together for a larger cause: to protect the places we run."

" This is how we're able to mobilize our sports community to take collective action on climate change: by showing that we don't have to choose between sports and preservation, that in fact sports can be preservation when practiced consciously."

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