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On The Road To Black Lake - EXPEDITION AKOR WEEK 18

Due to unforeseen delays with fuel and oars, our friends spent almost two full weeks in Baker Lake. However, they are back on course with well-repaired canoes, in great shape, and a heavy heart to leave such a welcoming and caring community. 

They left for a 40-45 day trip to Black Lake in northern Saskatchewan. At this point, they will trade their canoes for bicycles to cover the 4000 kilometres that remain.

After much discussion with community insiders, our team has decided to change their route. As you can see on the interactive map, this change in plans is not the only one they have encountered. The changing geographic landscape requires them to constantly think on their feet, navigating the safest route possible across the tremendous Canadian terrain. The black location points represent where the team is. The red line previously drawn shows the original plan. 

Näak Blog | expedition AKOR Week 18 | Follow Live

They can avoid a lot of portages and navigate more easily on the new route. At the moment, they are content with their choice. In the seven days they have been travelling, they have not made any portages. This is especially helpful in the first couple of days since the baggage is the heaviest due to provisions that have not been consumed. 

They have recently done a lot of hauling (pulling the canoe by hand, with their feet in the water) and went up many minor rivers with low flow. They have already gone up the watershed over 80 meters in altitude.

Näak Blog | Expedition AKOR Week 18

Since they have begun travelling again, the team was first confronted with a pitfall: the strong winds that stopped them from crossing a large lake. They had to admit defeat and accept to make a tiny day of only 6 kilometres.  

The scenery is beautiful, there are many mountains and vast lakes as far as the eye can see. They can't wait to finally get to the tree line and have a nice warm fire. 

In addition, the meals they eat are more satisfying than before since they no longer eat dehydrated foods. They are armed with a titanic amount of cheese. You can't afford to take your food lightly after working all day!

The next two days for our friends will be difficult, as they have to make two portages. We wish them all the courage in the world! 

Make sure to follow along on our social media accounts, @naakbars to stay up to date with any breaking news and photos from Expedition AKOR. Be sure to read more about the team on our previous Blog Posts.

Näak Blog | Expedition Akor week 6

Visit to read more about the teams’ journey, or follow them on Instagram @expeditionakor.

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