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Killer Ice Mounds - Expedition AKOR Week 10

This week was again a great success.

The pace of the guys is impressive: about 26-28 km per day. Getting ahead of schedule every day, they should arrive in Gjoa's Haven in 11-12 days. When in Gjoa Haven, they will meet up with Philippe and Étienne, who will join them to begin the first canoe section of the expedition.

Yet, once again, it all depends on the ice. After the team reaches Gjoa's Haven, they will continue on foot, pulling their canoes behind them.

As the temperatures warm up, the team will jump in their canoes if the frozen sea melts enough. While pulling the canoes means extra energy expenditure, it surely beats swimming in the frozen waters of Nunavut.

The men of Expedition AKOR will live life in a delicate balance of half walking, half canoeing for 300km after Gjoa Haven. This will eventually take them to the very edge of polar bear territory.

Nevertheless, our friends are starting to find the time a little long on skis. They confide in us that they are beginning to find the fact of skiing 9 hours a day a little alienating and tiring. To make it a little more fun, they are trying to talk more (I hear they are doing philosophy), making more jokes and taking more breaks. They are very eager to finish the ski section and start paddling.

Despite the week and a half of rest that they enjoyed in Resolute Bay, fatigue is coming back quickly. They have no injuries, only minor ones and, of course, plenty of soreness. The one doing better is definitely Jacob. A true man on a mission, he has no problems and is always ahead. Guillaume and Nicolas call him "The King."

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