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Näak’s new look

Näak new logo

Näak was started back in 2016 when our two co-founders realized that there were no sports nutrition products that met their criteria of: enhancing performance, improving health, and conserving the environment. The company was then born to make products for athletes using cricket powder: the most sustainable source of protein in the world. It was our goal to create a community of cricket-powered athletes that shared the same vision as we had for the field of ultra-endurance sports. 

We are proud to say that Näak is now leading the cricket protein market in Canada and is widely distributed in sport and natural food grocery stores in Quebec. We have successfully built a fantastic community, recruited ambassadors, and raised awareness of the impact of food on the environment.

Along the way, we have learned so much about this industry and the impact our company can have on nutrition, which is why we have decided to target every need of professional and amateur athletes alike by launching a new line of products and subsequently rebranding our logo.

Our mission at Näak is to power the world of ultra-sport performance with efficient and sustainable fuel while bringing out the limitless potential in all athletes.

While our products have always centered around cricket protein, the use of plant-based protein also aligns with our values of good health and environmental conservation and will help us further accomplish our mission and reach a broader audience.

That is why we will continue to lead the cricket protein market in sport nutrition by rebranding our logo and relaunching our cricket energy bar line while expanding into the product line of plant-based protein with a strong differentiation.

We believe that our new logo will ensure that customers understand the brand benefits at first glance: sustainable performance, long-lasting energy, and fast recovery. The bold mountains on our new logo symbolize a connection with nature and the outdoor community while evoking an energetic spirit of challenge.

We are confident that Näak provides the most efficient quality of fuel, designed for endurance and ultra-intense sports but also suitable for the general population. All of our products are created with environmental awareness: that is why we use sustainable sources of protein as well as sustainable packaging.

We provide an all-around holistic approach to nutrition with our high-quality ingredients and healthy formula. For example, our new line of protein powder uses a secret protein blend that optimizes nutrient absorption and energy yield to ensure you never run out of energy.

We are proud to announce the establishment of our new logo, which will reflect our new perspective of insect-based protein and nutrition. With the expansion of our product line, we will be able to reach a new demographic of customers and tap into a new market which will help us continue on our mission.

It has been a great journey thus far, and we want to thank everyone in our community for the continued support. We hope that you will come along with us for this new chapter in our brand: we are extremely excited for the future!

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