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COVID-19: Näak Virtual Run - Half-Marathon Challenge

While we are experiencing an unprecedented crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several events and races are being cancelled or postponed. Näak team wants to contribute in its own way to support its community of elite endurance athletes. We encourage everyone, from amateurs to professionals, to stay active during this period, while respecting the safety guidelines dictated by the Government of Quebec and Canada.

Given the success of last weekend's challenge, we've decided to raise the level  a little bit. So, will you take up the challenge? 💪

Näak half-marathon challenge:

Here are the rules of the game to take part in the Näak challenges:

  • Join the Strava "Näak" Group
  • Follow Näak on the social networks Facebookand Instagramif you haven't already done so 😋
  • Complete a half marathon (21.0975 km) in your neighborhood over the weekend.IMPORTANT: Don't forget to put your outing in "public" so that everyone can have access to it and so that it is counted. Use the hashtags#NaakChallenge and#CricketPowered.

    Prizes to be won:

    All people who have completed a half-marathon during the weekend and have met all the above conditions will participate in a draw to win a box of Näak bars, to maintain a sustainable nutrition during this period!

    🎁 Bonus: All people who additionally tag @naak and use the hashtag #CricketPowered on a photo published on the social network, will get a second ticket for the draw!

    So motivated? We are! 😃

    The important thing, of course, is to have fun and stay healthy. Take care of you #CricketPowered team!


    If you need advice on how to maintain a sustainable and healthy diet, Näak offers you a free weekly nutrition plan!  

    If for the next challenges you want to give your best, order Näak barsto help you perform better 🤗

    Näak cricket powered

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