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Welcome to the heart and soul of Näak, where passion meets purpose.

Our athletes embody the spirit of Näak. They actively contribute to our innovation journey by testing our products, providing valuable feedback that fuels our quest for performance and commitment to sustainability.

Their impact goes beyond innovation. They create authentic connections, inspire others by their actions, and engage with their local community. This partnership creates opportunities for growth and meaningful and positive changes in their communities and beyond.

Explore our diverse range of programs designed to elevate your trail-running experience and grow your community.

Näak PRO:
Crafting Legends

Join Näak's Pro Team and be part of an exclusive group pushing the limits of ultra distance, setting new standards in trail running excellence. Be inspired by our seasoned athletes who are currently writing the history of trail running.

Reaching The Summits

Elevate your trail running journey with Näak's Elite Team. Strive for excellence while navigating the demands of everyday life. Our Elite athletes are on a mission to achieve peak performance, setting the stage for a new era in trail running.

Shaping Future Champions

Nurture the next generation of trail-running stars by joining Näak's Junior Team. Designed for young athletes aged 18 to 23, this program provides mentorship and resources to maximize their potential. Witness the future champions of trail running in the making.

Connecting With Communities

Become part of the Näak Squad and immerse yourself in a vibrant community that cherishes diversity and individuality. Engage in on-field activations, share your experiences online, and organize local events to foster unity within the trail-running community.

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