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New recyclable packaging for protein powders

At Näak, environmental protection is one of our main tasks. We want to offer you the most sustainable and responsible nutrition available. And to achieve this goal, we have committed ourselves to a crucial part of our strategy: packaging. We have decided to switch to recyclable and/or compostable packaging for all our products by 2025!

Our recyclable packaging

We have changed the packaging of our protein powders to a 100% recyclable packaging. It is a recyclable plastic bag #2 HD-PE. The material is high density polyethylene, which represents 50% of the market and is found in fruit juice and detergent bottles. It is opaque or translucent, rigid, shock-resistant, waterproof, and impermeable to greasy substances. To recycle this famous HD-PE, the products first go through a specific screen to remove small waste from this stream. They are then shredded into flakes. These are then washed to remove the glue, then melted and then formed into rods which are finally cut into granules. The granules are then used to make bottles!

A more durable bag

Our bag has also been modified to provide you with a more qualitative and appreciable packaging. It benefits from a more practical "zip" closure which guarantees a better conservation of your protein powders; a spoon with a smaller handle which will take up less space; and a more malleable and solid bag.

Say goodbye to aches and pains with Ultra Recovery Protein Powders

Our protein powders help build and repair your muscles after a workout. They contain 23g of protein per serving and 4g of BCAA. As a reminder, BCAA's are composed of three amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. Like all amino acids, BCAAs are elements that your body uses to make protein. However, unlike other amino acids, branched chain amino acids are not metabolized by the liver, so your body cannot make them. They must therefore be consumed in your diet.
Our protein powders are made from natural and eco-friendly ingredients. Indeed, in our vanilla recipe, we find a blend of vegan proteins (soy protein isolate, pea protein concentrate), natural flavours and stevia. For the chocolate one, we have created a cricket protein formula, which is composed of a blend of protein (soy protein isolate, pea protein concentrate, cricket powder), cocoa powder, natural flavours, stevia and sea salt.

How to use your protein powders properly?

To maximize your recovery and accelerate the construction of your muscles, it is important to follow our advice on the use of protein powders:

1. Mix 1 spoonful of protein powder with 1 cup of water or vegetable drink.
2. Shake well.
3. Consume within 40 minutes after a workout for optimal muscle recovery.

Näak Ultra Recovery powders have been designed to meet the needs of athletes like you. So they are quick and easy to prepare, so you'll always be in action!
The Näak team is part of the generation that is becoming aware of the impact of our food on the environment. We are aware of the need for sustainable food products that have a positive impact on health, sports performance and the environment. This is how Näak was born and since then we have been continuously developing our products to be in full accordance with our values.

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