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One Foot In Each Province - Expedition Akor Week 23

On our last update, the team of Expedition Akor were on their way to Aziz's lodge, their contact in Resolute Bay. They were then in a rather difficult week: they had to cross a massive lake 85 kilometres long (Ennadai Lake) under a relentless wind. On September 6, the wind died down, then reversed, so that with a tailwind, they completed a day of 75 kilometres! It was by far the most efficient day of the expedition, and the team revelled in the morale boost.

After this spectacular day, our friends arrived at Aziz' lodge, where they were very kindly welcomed. Waiting for the team was the Weber family, whose father (Richard Weber) is in charge of guiding all the expeditions planned at the lodge. From there, expeditions to the most grandiose and remote areas are organized.

Näak Blog | Expedition Akor Week 23

Richard Weber is a high-calibre adventurer who has reached the North Pole an astonishing seven times. He is one of Guillaume and Nicolas' idols. You can imagine the discussions being held about wild landscapes and possibly near-death experiences. 

There were, in addition to the Expedition Akor team, about 30 people at the lodge. The members of the expedition, by popular demand, gave a presentation on their project, after which they enjoyed hearty meals accompanied by good rum and beer. They were even provided with luxurious tents and a shower. Pampered and pampered, to say the least!

After filling their bellies, washing their clothes and collecting their supplies, the team headed straight for Saskatchewan. They travelled to Kasba Lake, where the wind again stopped them, forcing them to take a two-day break. It has become a common theme for the team to put their expedition on hold and wait for the weather to subside.

Näak Blog | Expedition Akor Week 23

After starting again, the team soon reached the Four Corners Stone Monument. This monument was erected at the exact point where the Nunavut Territory, the Northwest Territories, Manitoba and Saskatchewan meet. After a few steps in each province and territory, they set out on an unnamed river marked by its steep drop-off. 

Cut into flat sections and separated by waterfalls, they had to paddle the flat and portage the waterfalls, sometimes in extremely challenging conditions. Indeed, the forest is now very dense. Finding paths through such immense woods is quite a puzzle. It's safe to say that they might be fighting a rugged terrain with a canoe on their shoulders as you read this.

Näak Blog | Expedition Akor Week 23

The team is expected to travel up the river to an elevation of 425 meters, then down another watershed to Wollaston Lake in northern Saskatchewan, where they should arrive on September 24. 

There is good group morale, again and again, but mainly because we all know the canoe section is almost over. Let's wish them good wind (literally) for their last 9 days of canoeing!

Make sure to follow along on our social media accounts, @naakbars to stay up to date with any breaking news and photos from Expedition AKOR. Be sure to read more about the team on our previous Blog Posts.

Näak Blog | Expedition Akor week 6

Visit to read more about the teams’ journey, or follow them on Instagram @expeditionakor.

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