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Pro Marathon tips for Race Day Success from Olympian Dayna Pidhoresky

Are you getting ready to run your marathon? Our Ambassador Dayna Pidhoresky is here with her 3 top tips to help you prep for the big day.  

Dayna Pidhoresky raced at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic with Team Canada. She won the 2022 BMO Vancouver Marathon breaking the course record.

Pro Marathon tips for Race Day Success from Olympian Dayna Pidhoresky

1. Don’t try anything new

Whether it’s shoes, socks, or nutrition — make sure you’ve tried everything out before implementing them on race day. That should decrease the likelihood of blisters, errant chafing or GI distress.

2. Respect the conditions

Yes, you’ve probably been training for a certain time or pace but if humidity and temperatures are forecasted to be higher than ideal that means your race plan should be altered accordingly. Slowing down the pace and keeping the effort manageable will help ensure you are able to finish strong. On a similar note, a hat or sunglasses, and taking full advantage of the on-course hydration stations, can be very beneficial.


3. Manage the highs and lows

Although the race might feel easy at the start, there will always be rough patches. Mentally these can be challenging, but remembering past workouts or races when you’ve been able to overcome adversity can be a great reminder that tough times don’t last.


By Dayna Pidoresky

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