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Coffee and Sport, a Testimonial from Näak Ambassador: Reid Burrows

Reid Burrows writes, runs and loves. And overall he drinks coffee!
In his article, discover our coffee-loving ambassador who will never go on an adventure without his coffee beans.

When you think of endurance sport and how it relates to coffee, I’m definitely not the first person that thinks of a little European café with a couple of cyclists sipping on espresso in lycra clothing. But imagine this. It’s 3am and you’re at your favourite trail head. You “slept” in your car the night before. You didn’t spend much time sleeping. All you could dream about was the ensuing adventure beginning well before sunrise the next day. The excitement is similar to that of a child on Christmas eve. The feeling is incomparable. When you wake up at 3 am the first thing you do is grab your Jetboil, your well used Aeropress and your hand grinder - yes fresh beans are important for trailhead coffee too! The smell of freshly ground coffee is intoxicating

Reid brewing his coffee in the wilderness


Every single adventure relates back to coffee. My races are fueled with coffee. Believe it or not, I won’t leave my house without my Aeropress. Coffee is a driving force for my running, my relationships and my life. I was once a barista, I know how to roast coffee and I have a portafilter tattoo! My life revolves around coffee. It’s the first thing I think of when I get up in the morning. As I write this, I am sipping on an oat milk latte. There is something about making coffee and sharing the experience with loved ones or strangers. I think running is similar. In a world with so much pressure we often forget the small joys in our lives. We forget that a shared experience of this beloved hot beverage can improve our days. Adventure planning starts with coffee. Outdoor enthusiasts hike to make fresh brew on mountain tops. We have coffee with our running friends. Coffee is no longer the café in Europe serving espresso. The fact is: coffee connects us all. Almost everyone drinks coffee. If you’re a runner you likely drink coffee before or after your run. But it’s the banker, the mountaineer, and the adventurer that are consuming this beverage too.

Reid Burrows eating Näak Vegan Caffeine Macchiato Bar

You’re probably drinking a coffee as you read this. Coffee is more than a drink, it’s an experience that I love to share. Unfortunately, in ultra-endurance adventures or races coffee is not always transportable. I can be a bit of a coffee snob but Näak sent me their new caffeine bars. It is in my nature to be hesitant when trying coffee flavoured products. To my surprise they taste like coffee and the energising effects of the caffeine are evident. The bars are the first coffee flavoured product that I truly enjoy. I know they will be my go-to pick me up for long races and adventures when my mood begins to decline. The caramel macchiato bar saved me on my recent winter adventure. 4 hours into a 6-hour winter hike, it boosted my mood and my energy.

Planning adventures always relates back to coffee. It’s such a simple drink, yet it is complex. Much like the runner. Group runs start at coffee shops, or likely finish there. The bond we have with running is only strengthened with the shared coffee after the hard session or planning the next adventure. It keeps our crews alert in the middle of the night through the glow of the distant headlamps. Everyday relationships are built or strengthened with coffee. Most runners drink coffee. It’s a cultural thing. I hope next time you think of endurance sport and coffee cycling isn’t the first sport that comes to mind. Sometimes the best coffee is made trailhead in the back of your car or in a bar form hours into your adventure.

If you ever see me at a coffee shop, on the trails or at a race say “hi” and let me buy you a coffee. Where’s the coolest spot you’ve drank coffee?

- Reid Burrows 

Follow Reid adventures on his Instagram @reidburrows
To read more Reid, check out his website:

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