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I'm Théo, a 23-year-old athlete. I started trail-running two years ago, after having tried different sports. The GR20 marked my initiation into trail running. Being in nature, whether alone or with company, for long periods of time, is what I prefer. Pointe Percée, the highest peak in the Aravis mountain range, is my preferred training spot. Its challenging terrain and panoramic view make it an ideal location for my workouts.


  • 50K KAT100 by UTMB 2023 — 6th Place
  • 50K Restonica Trail by UTMB 2023 — 4th Place
  • Maxi-race Marathon 2023 — 8th Place

Through your collaboration with Näak, what values would you like to pass on to your community?

My passion, self-sacrifice and wonder.

What role does nutrition play in your training and trail performances?

It increases my capacity for recovery and I find it a form of pleasure and comfort after demanding training sessions.

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