Näak is your on-course nutrition at UTMB World Series.

Preserve your playground.

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The ultimate guide to reach your ultra endurance goals.

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Näak is a sports nutrition brand, specialist in ultra distances, which pushes the limits of performance with eco-friendly products.

Our mission is to provide effective nutrition adapted to high-intensity environments. With the right carbohydrate/protein ratio, all essential amino acids, high electrolytes and environmentally friendly proteins (cricket or plant-based), you can always go one step further.

Thousands of professional and amateur athletes use Näak to fuel their challenges and preserve our playground.


We are looking for an energetic, detail-oriented individual with excellent image and video content creation skills.

His/her missions are: 

  1. Create visuals for social media publications (feeds, stories)
  2. Create videos for social media publications (reel, stories)
  3. Create visuals for email campaigns (promo, content);
  4. Create visuals for blog posts
  5. Create and optimize online advertising visuals

Being an athlete or having a connection to the endurance sports community is a plus for managing campaigns and joining our team. 


    • Graphic design (Canva, Adobe Suite)
    • Video filming
    • Video design (Reels, TikTok, Premiere, After Effects)
    • Brand story telling
    • Communication
    • Sense of detail


        • Results-driven leader
        • Fluent in English and French, both written and spoken


                    • Starting date: Mai 2021
                    • Full-time position
                    • Salary: $30-35K
                    • Location: Montreal (or remote if Covid)
                    • Apply at

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