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Mathieu Blanchard

Evan Birch

Discipline Ultra Running

Nationality Canada Flag Icon

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“Find where to put your tired”


"Runner's-high courses through Evan Birch's veins. 
Ultimately, the challenge to explore off-road triathlons was the gateway into the uncharted, true flow-state territory of time on feet and ultra running. Through a series of life events, he began to isolate his driving force for the journey, and it was then that he began to truly climb mountains (both physically and mentally). At first, it was a summit here and there, then a 50k, then a 100k, then a 100 miler. What happened? Evan succeeded. 

His desire for longer runs and vertical elevation is often unmatched. Whether he is out on the trails to connect with friends, clear his mind, or push his edges - Evan harnesses the power of unwavering tenacity, mental strength and a promise to always say, “Yes” to the people, places and runs that light him up."


BC Backyard Ultra 2022

8th place


Iron Legs 60km

10th Place


Golden Ultra

7th Place


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