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Mathieu Blanchard

Kevin Vermeulen

Discipline Trail Running

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“Sometimes you just have to do it”


"Originally from France, I fell in love with Switzerland and the Valais where I have been living for 8 years now. I am a specialist of distances from 40 to 60km. My history with sport started with rugby (8 years) then cycling (4 years) which allowed me to discover endurance. The studies in Belgium stopped this progression and the return was more difficult with a weight of 80km in 2016. I then took control of my life and my high-level career was really launched in 2018, with a surprise podium on the OCC. Since then, ups and downs have marked my progression, but have allowed me to build myself, as a person but also as an athlete. The rest is yet to be discovered :)"


OCC 2018

3rd Place


Penyagolosa Trail 2022

1st Place


European Championship

4th Place


Energy Bar Berries & Nuts

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Energy Drink Mix Lime

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  • 1 Bag €3.50 / Serving
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Protein Powder Vanilla

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  • 1 Bag €2.33 / Serving
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