Näak is your on-course nutrition at UTMB World Series.

Every purchase you make creates positive change.

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They are writing the history of our sport.

They aim to reach the summits.

The champions of tomorrow.

Community, Sharing, Passion.

They inspire us. They will inspire you.

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Ontdek Ultra Nutrition

De wetenschap

Näak Ultra Energy™ Science biedt u een complete voeding waarmee u langer door kunt gaan.

Gemaakt door atleten voor atleten

Näak is geboren in Canada met één missie: het bouwen van de meest efficiënte en duurzame brandstof voor duursporten.

Wij zijn geboren om te verkennen. Om nieuwsgierig te zijn, uitdagingen te overwinnen en grenzen te verleggen. Dit zijn de ervaringen die ons verbinden en inspireren.

Why are our energy gels the best for ultra-trail running? Because they were developed with our professional athletes at UTMB and Western States!

We are pleased and proud to present “NÄAK TIPS”. NÄAK TIPS’ is our new series of articles in which our professional athletes share their advice and experience with you so that you too can achieve your goals on D-Day. 

Zeg vaarwel tegen voedingsproblemen met de Näak NutritionCalculator, een gepersonaliseerde voedingsgids die is ontwikkeld in samenwerking met onze atleet Mathieu Blanchard.

By supporting Footprints and as a certified  BCorp brand, Näak is as committed to sustainability and community as it is to profit. We are proud to help advance climate and social justice goals through running.
Since its creation, Näak has moved forward with two sources of motivation: performance and a positive impact on the environment. In its desire to evolve in the most sustainable way possible, Näak gives a second life to its maple syrup by sourcing a very specific syrup.
From Utah to California Dakota Jones completing a 650-mile bike ride before running the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run.

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