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Energie puree Appel- en Ahornsiroop

Uw Ultra Energy™ in een nieuw semi-vloeibaar formaat. Gemaakt van biologisch gecertificeerde en upcycled ingrediënten. Voed uw ultra met 200 calorieën per portie.


The Ultra Energy™ Puree is specifically formulated for ultra endurance activities. Easier on your guts than an energy gel. More digestible than an energy bar. Its fresh taste and “baby food” texture will keep your stomach happy during your trainings and races.

Fueling specs

- 200 calories: provides long-lasting energy
- 410mg electrolytes: replenishes minerals lost in sweat
- 26g carbohydrates: avoids sugar crashes
- 5g protein with natural BCAAs: reduces muscle fatigue


Apples*(54%), Maple Syrup*(15%), Hydrolyzed Oat Flour*, Canola Oil*, Water, Pea Protein* (2%), Barley Rice Protein (2%), Citric Acid, Sea Salt, Natural Antioxidant (mixed tocopherols), Natural Flavor*. Contains: Gluten. *Organic

Nutrition facts

Why You'll love it

Complete nutrition: Everything you need to fuel your ultra.

Baby food texture: Designed to be easily ingested.

Low glycemic index: Delivers a long-lasting energy.

Fresh taste: Mitigates sugar fatigue.

Organic and upcycled ingredients: Built for sustainability.

When to use graph

Eat one Puree every 45 minutes before, during or after exercise.

Gebruikt door ultra-afstandsatleten

Al onze producten worden hand in hand ontwikkeld met topsporters via het Näak Lab. Onze missie is om de meest efficiënte en duurzame brandstof voor ultraafstandssporten te bouwen. Tegenwoordig zijn duizenden professionele en amateuratleten over de hele wereld afhankelijk van Näak om nieuwe speeltuinen te verkennen en opnieuw te definiëren wat fysiek mogelijk is.

Gesteund door de wetenschap

Näak Ultra Energy™-wetenschap is ontwikkeld om te voldoen aan de specifieke behoeften van ultraafstandsatleten. Het idee is simpel: de inname van een paar macronutriënten zoals koolhydraten en elektrolyten is niet voldoende om ultraafstanden te overbruggen. Na een paar uur inspanning heb je een complete voedingsaanpak nodig om verder te komen.

Behoud uw speeltuin

  • Maple

    Maple Syrup

    Sourced from a Canadian supplier specialized in recycling downgraded maple syrup to give it a second life. Quebec, CA
  • Apples


    Ethically and locally sourced in Canada. Martin's Family Fruit Farm Ontario, CA
  • Hydrolized

    Hydrolyzed oat flour

    Gluten free oat flour, optimized specifically for being easily digestible. Ireland, Europe
  • Barley

    Barley Rice Protein

    EverGrain recycles beer by-products into high-quality protein, upcycled-certified malting barley. EverGrain
    Missouri, USA
  • Land Barley Rice Protein uses 30x less land than whey protein.
  • CO2 emissions CO2 emissions: Quebec maple syrup production offsets 770,000 kg of CO2/year, the equivalent of 25% of the carbon emissions of Quebec vehicles.
  • Water Barley Rice Protein has 8x less impact on freshwater eutrophication than whey protein.

Veelgestelde vragen

How is the Näak Ultra Energy Puree™ sustainable ?

Näak Purees are organic certified and
contains upcycled ingredients. All the
ingredients are fully traceable and locally-

How often should I use Näak Ultra Energy™?

We recommend to eat 1 Puree every 45-60min of exercise. If you are racing an ultra, we recommend an energy intake of 300 to 350 Kcal per hour. You can reach those numbers by using one Puree in addition to other Näak Ultra Energy™ products.

What are BCAAs used for?

The branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. They are known to reduce muscle fatigue and optimize energy stores.

How well is the protein digested during exercise?

The proteins used in Näak Ultra Energy™ Purees are highly digestible and absorbed efficiently during exercise. We advice to train your guts at least 4 weeks before the race.

Why are electrolytes important?

Electrolytes are crucial to maintain fluid balance, muscle contraction and neural activity. When athletes sweat, they are losing electrolytes and it is important to replace them. Näak Ultra Energy™ Purees contain the four main electrolytes needed to perform at your best.

What type of sugars are used in the Näak Ultra Energy Purees™?

We use a blend of "simple sugars" such as maple syrup and "complex sugars" such as hydrolyzed oat flour. A perfect mix of natural carbohydrates to avoid sugar crashes and spikes, and ensure long lasting energy.

Deel je Näak-ervaring @naakbars en maak kans op een vermelding.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Aziliz B. (Paris, FR)
Purée et compote

J’adore vos produits sur le produit d’hydratation. En revanche la compote sucrée a un arrière goût dérangeant mais j’ai fait le miut avec les deux compotes et purée car impossible d’avaler les barres, et très bonne énergie tout le long. Les gaufres passent mieux aussi.

Florent P. (Clermont-Ferrand, FR)
Compotes au top

J'ai découvert les purées de Naak et je ne peux plus m'en passer en compétition. Elles sont la pierre angulaire de tous mes ravitos, assurant un confort digestif et une énergie continue

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