Näak is jouw on-course voeding bij de UTMB World Series.

Behoud uw speeltuin.

Elke aankoop die u doet, zorgt voor een positieve verandering.

Ze inspireren ons. Ze zullen je inspireren.

Näak is jouw on-course voeding bij de UTMB World Series.

Voorzie uw geest van voedingstips en meer.

Ontdek heerlijke en voedzame recepten.


As we face an unprecedented crisis, we know how difficult it is for our ultra-distance athletes to be deprived of their races. Näak team wants to contribute in it own way to support its community of ultra endurance athletesWe encourage everyone, from amateurs to professionals, tostay active during this period, while respecting the safety guidelines dictated by the Government of Quebec and Canada.

After having made our athletes run an ultra distance, what better than to make them do some elevation gain this week to remember the good feelings of the trail? On your stairs or in the mountains if the safety guidelines dictated by the government allow it, are you ready ? 💪


Here are the rules of the game to take part in the Näak challenges:

  • Join the Strava "Näak" Group
  • Follow Näak on the social networks Facebookand Instagramif you haven't already done so 😋
  • Complete a 1000+ elevation gain in one week. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to put your outing in "public" so that everyone can have access to it and so that it is counted. Use the hashtags#NaakChallenge and#CricketPowered.

Prizes to be won:

All people who have completed a 1000+ elevation during the week and have met all the above conditions will participate in a draw to win a box of Näak bars, to maintain a sustainable nutrition during this period!

🎁 Bonus: All people who additionally tag @naak and use the hashtag #CricketPowered on a photo published on the social network, will get a second ticket for the draw!



Näak ultra energy bars The important thing, of course, is to have fun and stay healthy. Take care of you team!


If you need advice on how to maintain a sustainable and healthy diet, read Näak article here!  

If for the next challenges you want to give your best, order Näak barsto help you perform better 🤗



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