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Näak cricket bars are now available in Nautilus Plus

Näak cricket bars are now available in all 39 Nautilus Plus locations. The largest chain of gyms in Quebec has been seduced by cricket protein; a complete, natural and eco-responsible protein, which is ideal for the muscle recovery of its subscribers.

Näak bars cricket Nautilus Plus

The first cricket bar with 20g of protein

The Montreal startup company Näak has been making energy bars made from cricket powder since 2016. While preparing for the Triathlon World Championships, the two friends Minh-Anh Pham and William Walcker failed to find a product that could provide them with enough energy while being healthy and environmentally friendly. They quickly found the solution with crickets; the most eco-responsible source of protein on the planet. The Näak bars were born and have naturally found success in the world of triathlon and endurance sports. Today, Näak expands its target by making its mark in gyms.

From triathlon to the gym

It's thanks to the launch of its new range of protein products that Näak was able to find a partnership with the Nautilus Plus group. It is the first cricket protein bar in the world to have 20g of protein, thus placing itself at the same level as the protein bar industry giants. This product has been designed for people who workout in gyms and pay particular attention to their nutrition. With 20g of protein, 13g of fiber, and only 6g of sugars, the Näak protein bar checks all the boxes for optimal muscle recovery. Thanks to its ideal amino acid profile, it is also a complete and quality source of protein.

The protein of the future for conscious athletes 

In comparison with the most popular protein found in gyms (Whey protein), cricket protein is natural and eco-responsible. Its production requires 2000x less water and emits 100x less greenhouse gases than beef (learn more here). In addition, it is a super food rich in calcium, iron and vitamin B12, and it is naturally gluten free, soy free and dairy free.
Nautilus Plus promotes physical health through training, but also through nutrition. The group has been seduced by the cricket and its benefits for the body and the planet. As of today, Näak energy bars and protein bars are available in all branches. 

You can also find all Näak cricket powered products online, here!

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