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Physio and Yoga teacher, Camille has been an ultra Trail running athlete for 5 years. She is 31 years old now. She takes advantage of every opportunity to have fun! Her first significant experience in trail running was the Diagonale des Fous in 2018.


  • Grand Raid de la Réunion 2023 — 2nd Place
  • Festival des Templiers 2022 — 1st Place
  • UTCT 2022 — 1st place

What role do your friends and family play in your career?

The joy of being with them outside the trail running community, and they support me no matter what happens!

Can you share a suprising or amusing anecdote from your trail experience?

One time I encountered a bear in California on the WS100 course.

What are your favorite Näak products?

I would say that my favorite Näak products to use during a race are the waffle and drink mix.

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