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I’m an ultra trail runner from Hungary, based in Hong Kong. I love exploring the world by running through some of the most incredible places around the world. I am a proud mother of two beautiful girls. They make me a better and faster runner. I try to be holistic in approach and enjoy the nature that surrounds me. My first trail running experience was on the Twins in Hong Kong. I fell in love with trail running right away - it's so different from running on roads. After that, I continued to explore and enjoy trail running step by step.


  • IZU Trail Journey 100K 2023 — 1st Place
  • TransLantau100 by UTMB 2023 — 1st Place
  • Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run 2023 — 3rd Place

What role does nutrition play in your training and trail performances?

Nutrition plays a crucial role in my trail training and performance. It's a make-or-break factor - if it doesn't line up properly, it can compromise my chances, but when it works well, it can enable me to perform at my best.

What role do your friends and family play in your career?

My friends and family are an important support in my career. As a mother, their support is essential if I am to compete at the highest level. I rely on my friends to accompany me to training and share my journey, while my family is by my side every day - they mean the world to me.

What are your favorite Näak products and why?

I particularly like the Apple & Maple Puree, all the Waffle flavors, and the Caramel Macchiato Bar. These products stand out for delivering a delightful taste experience and contributing positively to our planet. They are well-suited for ultra-long distances and also resonate with a sense of team spirit.

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