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Kathy Tremblay

Kathy Tremblay

Triathlon - Naak Ambassador

Twice Olympian in triathlon, Kathy Tremblay has persevered and excelled in her sport for several years.

Notable Results or Accomplishments:

  • Professional Canadian triathlete
  • Pan American Champion in 2006
  • Two-time Olympian

What do you think about the Naak bar?

What a wonderful discovery! It's so great to find products that are ultra-nourishing, eco-friendly and innovative. I loved eating dates during my triathlon training for the Olympic Games, but the Naak bar takes it one step further: the perfect mix of dates and quality ingredients, it's fabulous! Just a small piece while on the bike or running and boom! My energy comes back and is maintained for the rest of my workout. Good job guys!

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