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Cada compra que haces genera un cambio positivo.

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Su objetivo es alcanzar las cumbres.

Los campeones del mañana.

Community, Sharing, Passion.

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My name is Rebecca, and I'm 20 years old, originally from South Africa. I'm part of the Asics international team. Two years ago, I ventured into trail running while attempting a Fastest Known Time (FKT) near my home. It was in those mountains that I discovered my profound love for the sport, and ever since, trail running has captivated my heart.


  • Ultra Trail Cape Town 50K by UTMB 2023 — 8th Place
  • Mountain Ultra Trail 50K by UTMB 2023 — 8th Place
  • Istria 100 20K by UTMB 2023 — 9th Place

Describe Näak in 3 words?

For me the best three words that would describe Näak are: best energy ever ! Nutrition is a crucial component of training and racing. Nutrition makes or breaks your training and racing.

What are you passionate about outside of trail running?

I love being with the trail community and helping runners by setting up social runs, and work shops. I also love animals and being around them and helping them.

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