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I'm Shea! A plant-based ultramarathoner on a perpetual quest for stoke, endorphins, and the ultimate trail snack spots. When I'm not pounding the trails, you'll catch me happily devouring my weight in berries, conquering distances ranging from 26.2 to 100 miles, and seeking out dogs to pet (sometimes all at once).


  • Black Canyon Ultras 100K 2023 — 6th Place
  • Indiana Trail 100M 2022 — 1st Place
  • JFK 50 mile 2022 — 3rd Place

What's your best memory in trail running?

I’ve run in some of the most incredible mountains with awe-inspiring panoramic views, but I have to say it was actually a very normal trail run that comes to mind. It was pouring rain, there was mud everywhere and the views were nonexistent, but there was a moment watching the rainwater swirling in the mud, collecting into puddles and the feeling of droplets pounding on my arms and legs that was ethereal. The wet earth smell combined with the sound rain hitting the leaves of the canopy and the feeling of absolute cleansing coolness of the water reminded me of what a gift it is that we get to experience life so vividly on trails.

What is your first significant experience in trail running?

Hiking in Alaska on a glacier and seeing firsthand how far it had receded really opened my eyes and ignited my passion for planetary stewardship and sustainability. The magic and beauty of such environments has continued to enchant me in this sport, and I hope future generations will be able to experience it too.

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